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Free 24-Hour Notice to Enter (Notice of Lease Violation)

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What is an Eviction Notice?

An Eviction Notice is a letter that a landlord sends to a tenant as a warning that their lease is or may be coming to an end.

In some cases, the Eviction Notice may give the tenant the chance to fix a problem before the landlord proceeds with eviction. Otherwise, the notice informs the tenant why they’re being evicted and when they must vacate the property.

You can use LawDepot’s Eviction Notice form for reasons such as:

  • Overdue rent
  • Lease violations
  • The end of a non-renewing lease term
  • Other legal grounds for terminating a rental contract

The required notice periods for eviction can vary depending on the length of the lease and the reason for terminating it. Select your state to customize LawDepot’s Eviction Notice template to suit the laws of your jurisdiction. We’ll also supply relevant legal information in our questionnaire to help you through the eviction process.

For commercial tenancies, use LawDepot’s Commercial Eviction Notice instead. 

Need an Eviction Notice in Spanish?

Use our Aviso de Desalojo.

What are the different types of eviction notice forms?

1. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

Landlords can use this form when a tenant is late on rent payments. The letter advises the tenant to pay the outstanding amount by a certain date or vacate the property. The letter may also specify late fees or other charges.

2. Notice of Lease Violation

Landlords can use this form when a tenant breaks a term in their lease. For example, the landlord may get complaints about excessive noise after designated quiet times or discover that a tenant has an unauthorized pet. Whatever the case, a Notice of Lease Violation gives the tenant the chance to resolve the issue or leave the property.

3. Notice of Termination of Lease by Landlord

If a lease agreement automatically renews at the end of a term, landlords can use a Notice of Termination to end the lease.

4. Notice to Quit

Landlords can use a Notice to Quit when they want to end the lease in situations that are not the tenant’s fault. For example, a landlord may want to move into or renovate the rental property. Be sure to check your state’s legislation for valid reasons to evict a tenant when they’re not at fault.

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